It Mata’d that I had use free bets on the outcome

I used free bets on the Mata deal going through

Here today Juan tomorrow and I used free bets on that!

Well I had a feeling he would go but few thought Manchester United when I used free bets to predict Mata to United nearly 6 months ago. I have always taken an interest in Mata as I do with all fellow Spanish players especially when they play in my now homeland of the United Kingdom. I have been a big fan of him and his style of play and was unsurprised when he claimed the player of the season for Chelsea in each of the last two seasons but his body language just didn’t seem right. Looking a the players Chelsea had brought in and the fact that he seemed out of favour for some very bizarre reason gave me the idea to get online and tae up a free bets offer to back him for a move.
I didn’t just bet on United as I thought maybe a Spanish club may have come in for him and Chelsea would have rather sell to a foreign club over an arch rival. But looking at the sorry state of the United midfield I had a feeling that they just may prove to strong a force for Mata to turn down and force a move. I would not have used free bets up though on Chelsea being happy to sell but listening to Mourinho his apathy towards losing the two time player of the year seemed strange to me. You have to admire the self titled chosen one but tho sis an odd decision to be happy to lose such an amazing talent as Juan Mata evidently is.

Free bets on United for the title

I certainly won’t be using my free bets on the reds this season but with Rooney looking like he may stay and lots of big names being mentioned for the big United rebuild I think next season could be a different story. People have written off United but I have still used some of my free bets to say they will be in the Champions League spot by the end of the year and I think Mata will be a big part of the reason for that. The forward line will be scary once Van Persie and Rooney are back together and if Rooney does sign a new deal then he is sure continue as the best player in a United shirt.
When you think of some of the greats like Best and Cantona and then look at Mata I don’t think you would be silly to think he is a perfect fit for the number 7 United shirt!

Free bets for all

Whatever you choose to bet on, getting free bets deals is simple and a great way to have a bet risk free. I picked out Mata as a long shot and have won big but there are so many different things and websites out there where you can claim your free bets from you will find a one that is perfect for you.