Ordered new name plaques for the restaurant

A similar name plaques design to the one we are having

The new name plaques for the restaurant look ace

It’s been a great year at work and we decided that we needed to freshen up the place so commissioned some new name plaques for it as well as a load of new accessories for the tables. Image is everything and as we were getting a really good reputation for the work we have been putting in it was great to see the management pouring in a significant investment into getting the place looking the part.

We have been fully booked on most nights lately and with that the hotel has seen a significant growth in the numbers coming from this part of the business so I have been given more budget to do lots of things to improve the place. The new name plaques are only the final bits that were looked at.

New ingredients to name plates

One for the first changes was the quality of ingredients being used the food was always good but to make it great we had to change the menu and introduce new top quality meals with the best ingredients. Over a few months I helped source local producers to supply us and picked up lots of new flavours and produce to help change the menu for something really special.

We launched this to all the local press and food critics at a very swanky function that was about the most nerve racking experience since becoming a chef. We spent a fortune on the decoration with name plaques, fresh flowers and an events planner to create that WOW factor we were looking for.

The event was a very big success the reviews we got were amazing and that was the cataylist for the growth we have seen since. The place now needs to look the part of a top London restaurant and so we have been planning these renovations over the last month and the first order went in last week for new accessories for the place. We also had a specialist sign maker in to help us create the right first impression and wanted new name plaques for the place.

Natural stone name plaques

The guys we had in to help with some ideas suggested natural products for the name plaques which I immediately loved the idea of. I thought it was a great idea to complement the fresh seasonal products we were using in the restaurant and so ended up choosing the stone name plaques which we eventually had designed and ordered.

The place is going to look fantastic with all these changes and in about 3 weeks everything will be finished and ready to push us forward even more going into the coming years. Its hard work but when you complete a project like this it really gives you a sense on achievement and excitement of what the future holds.

With everything coming together so quickly the new look place will relaunch in 2 weeks time before that I am planning some special dishes and work is underway to give everything a freshen up. The sign makers are due in next week to fit the name plaques and once thats done we are ready to go. http://www.stonesign.com

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