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Welcome to my blog

Hello, and a warm welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading the things I write about as much as I enjoy writing them. I was born in Valencia in 1675 and had a great childhood. I love to play football and my favourite position in centre midfield. I still play now in a local 5 a side league to keep fit and we just got promoted to the top league this year.

As well as football I am a big fan of cooking so much so I trained as a chef in Valencia before coming to the UK to work in a big hotel in London as a chef. My work means long hours in a hot kitchen but eventually I hope to own my own restaurant and get a chef in so I can relax.

Me at home

I have a girlfriend and we are planning a big wedding next year back home in Valencia. This takes up all my free time at the moment as we are going to lots of wedding fayres and fittings at the moment.

Both sets of family are hugely supportive and my in-laws have been immense since we started to date not long after I arrived in England. I often go to the football with her father who is a big West Ham fan my favourite team is Valencia though and he will often come to the pub to watch them play with me when they are on Sky Sports.

Come back soon

All in all I have a great life here in the UK and a wonderfully supportive family who I miss terribly at home. I hope you come back and see what my latest thoughts are and if you do want to get in contact you can post comments or email via the contact page.

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